It is about getting to know people and places as if you were a local.
Travelling to Pietrasanta is about getting to know authentic Italy, where artisans and artists alike live and work next to each other, sharing techniques and expertise, or simply… a coffee in the square.
Travelling is about experience

Days go slowly and happily.
Voices are pleasant sounds caressing your ears, while you are walking along Via di Mezzo or along the tiny alleys connecting the streets and while you are strolling up to the ancient walls, you can hear a powerful BUONGIORNO!!, waking you up from the realm of dreams.

Open the windows of your Suite and breath in the fresh Autumn air, that fill your lungs of lovely smells and lean on the window, watching families, children and rushing to school, rushing to work… rushing to life.
You do not have to rush. You are on holidays, at last, after a long year of work, you can finally rest and slow down your rhythm.
Today is a long and white page to write on, what you want and when you want.
So, how about getting up from the large and comfortable bed and have a long ride on a horse along the sandy beaches of Versilia, with great professionals like Equinatura Toscana?
Travelling is about experience

The beach is only at 2 km from Il Duomo Luxury Suites and you can walk, drive or bike there at your will.
Then, once back home, your stomach is telling you that it’s lunch time, it’s pranzo, as the locals would say and you simply step in The Il Duomo Bistrot and ask Francesco, the chef, for a tasty dish.
You do not need to know what he is going to cook for you, you already know.
Travelling is about experience

Now it’s again time to relax and enjoy the Piazza del Duomo, waiting for your wife, done shopping in the… too close.. Forte Dei Marmi shopping madness.

Travelling is about experience

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