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    To see, absolutely

    The Cinque Terre

    Riomaggiore is the first town arriving from La Spezia.
    Caught between two steep terraced hills descending to the sea, this village strikes visitors with its delightfully colored houses built vertically. Here it starts the “Via dell’Amore”, that takes to Manarola, a very suggestive pedestrian street, with beautiful landscapes among the noise of the waves smashed against the cliffs.

    Manarola is the calmest of the Cinque Terre, later discovered by the tourists. A bright and colorful scene, a paradise of vineyards and olives trees, an ancient village with salt-like painted houses which seem to rise from the cliffs of the narrow harbor. It is possible to enjoy the nature with relaxing walks.

    Corniglia is the only village of the Cinque Terre that can hardly be reached by sea. It is located on a hundred of meters high steep promontory, close to a hill with many vineyards from which it is possible to admire all the other four towns of the Cinque Terre.

    Lying on majestic cliffs, Vernazza, with its mysterious alleys enclosed among the colorful houses is included in the list of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy and boats a long maritime tradition, proud of its past sailors and warlords.

    Monterosso is the most western town of the Cinque Terre. The village is protected by hills covered with vineyards and olive groves. The poet Eugenio Montale, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1975, loved Monterosso and used to spend the summer in this village that he described as “rocky and austere, asylum for fishermen and peasants…”.

    Distance from Pietrasanta to the Cinque Terre: approximately 70 km – 44 miles
    Train tickets: 15,00 Euro per person (round trip) + VAT
    Packet lunch (on request):10,00 Euro per person + VAT
    Private tour guide: 210,00 Euro + VAT

    Carrara and his Marble Quarries

    Carrara is world-famous for its exceptionally pure, fine-grained white marble. Its marble has been quarried since Roman times and Michelangelo used to come to local quarries to choose blocks of stones for his Masterpieces.
    The untamed scenery, the white screen slopes and the gigantic scale of the work undertaken by man are an amazing sight.
    Thanks to special off road 4×4 Jeeps, you will be taken up to 1200 mt altitude in unique and magnificent scenery, where strong emotions are mixed with 2000 years of history and culture.
    Distance from Versilia to the Carrara Quarries: approximately 35 km – 22 miles
    Half day tour: 150,00 Euro per person (Min 2 – Max 8 participants) + VAT

    Antro del Corchia

    In Versilia, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps, there is a “Hollow Mountain” which holds within the secrets of 5 million year long geological history: this is the Antro del Corchia.
    Inside 60 km of galleries pits and pools with a maximum difference in height of 1200 mt and an intricate system of Karst tunnels stretching through 2 cubic meters of rocks make the cave of Mount Corchia Italy’s most imposing underground complex and one of the largest in the world.
    Distance from IL DUOMO LUXURY SUITES to the Antro del Corchia:
    approximately 20 km – 12 miles
    Pre-booking: 15,00 Euro per person + VAT
    Summer tours at night: 18,00 Euro per person + VAT
    Transfer quoted on individually basis

    Puccini Opera Festival

    Torre del Lago, home of the Puccini Festival, lies between the Lake of Massaciuccoli and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Festival welcomes about 40,000 spectators every year to its open-air theatre, just a few steps from the Villa Mausoleum where Giacomo Puccini lived and worked.
    His mortal remains are now in a small chapel inside the Villa.
    Torre del Lago is a favorite destination of Opera lovers and tourists who wish to visit the places where the most beloved composer of the 20th Century lived.
    Distance from Il Duomo Suites to Torre del Lago: approximately 20 km – 12 miles

    Package rate:
    2 nights stay in Superior room, dinner for 2 pax in a beautiful restaurant on the lake and 2 tickets for Opera – VAT excluded – Not refundable rate.
    Transfer quoted on individually basis

    Bagno Grazia

    This beach club has been managed by this family for over 20 years. There are 60 cabanas with 2 sun beds, 2 deck chairs, a folding chair, a table and soft blue beach towels.
    Our beach is accessible from very early morning until late evening.
    A lush garden welcomes you in a relaxing area surrounded by tamerisk, rosemary, lavender, hydrangeas and others.

    The beach club has a swimming pool with heated sea water whose shape and frame simulates the shore so as to allow bathing even for the less experienced clients.
    It is enriched by a Jacuzzi powered by 4 different whirlpools to massage the body naturally.
    The pool area offers a beauty corner where, by appointment, you can have any type of beauty treatments.

    The family manages directly his beach restaurant. Every day the freshest ingredients are chosen to satisfy guests requests: fresh fish, pasta and home made cakes.
    They provide also baby food and appropriate sitting facilities for children of any age.

    Distance from IL DUOMO LUXURY SUITES to Marina di Pietrasanta: approximately 5 km – 3 miles

    Cabana for 4 pax: 50,00 Euro (June) – 70,00 Euro (July) – 80,00 Euro (August)
    Cabana for 4 pax + private dressing room: 60,00 Euro (June) – 80,00 Euro (July) – 90,00 Euro (August)
    Cabana for 4 pax + private dressing room + private hot shower: 70,00 Euro (June) – 90,00 Euro (July) – 100,00 Euro (August)
    VAT not included

    Workshop in the Vineyards

    A very nice workshop in Tuscany, where one of the most important wine producers in Italy give us the exclusivity for our photographic lessons.
    We will work among their olive groves and vineyards and we’ll study the landscapes lights.
    In the evening we’ll analyze our works on pcs and correct RAWs with Photoshop.


    Program: analysis of portfolios and a complete introduction about nature and landscape photography today exposure, light meters and directions of light, lens aperture, hyper focal and sharpness shutter speed and rules photographic composition, shapes and available light processing raws and rumors file formats

    3 days workshop
    Up to 10 pax: 950,00 €
    from 15 to 20 pax: 850,00 €

    Cost per person Vat included
    Minimum number of pax: 2
    Maximum number of pax: 20
    The cost includes:
    3 lunches Fattoria Carmignani (Tuscany specialities)
    3 nights B&B in a 4 or 5 stars hotel to be quoted
    Meeting room for Photoshop applications included

    Cancellation policy
    Payments are not-refundable.
    Your participation is guaranteed only when payment has been executed in full.
    We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.
    If this workshop is cancelled by us you will receive a full refund.
    Distance from PIETRASANTA to Montecarlo (Lucca): approximately 50 km – 30 miles

    The Marble Experience

    Stay with us and learn how to sculpt the marble that Michelangelo used to make the David with one of the most renown and skilled teacher of the area, living and working in Pietrasanta for over 20 years.
    Your teacher has high credentials, is an English speaking nice man, carving stone and marble for all his life and has created a worldwide famous centre for sculpture and marble carving.
    Born and apprenticed in Liverpool, England, he is recognized internationally as a master craftsman and an accomplished tutor and has devoted his entire life to marble.
    His work can be seen worldwide in the form of Public Monuments, Portrait Busts, Private Commissions and Architectural Restoration.

    Period: February – March – April – May – June – September – October

    1 WEEK COURSE – the package includes: 4 hours a day tutoring, basic tools, a trestle
    Cost for the entire week (Monday to Friday):

    1. Beginners: 1.228,00 Euro + Vat 21%
    2. Intermediate: 1.567,00 Euro + Vat 21%
    3. Advanced: 1.742,00 Euro + Vat 21%

    Maximum number of people each session: 2 people at a time
    One to one tuition: +25% on above costs.

    Terms of payment:
    20 % upon
    40% after 30 days from confirmation date – not refundable
    40% a week before arrival.
    Accommodation in a 4 or 5 stars hotel
    Rate includes buffet breakfast normally quoted apart but does not include Vat 21%
    Stay 6 nights, 7th night free of charge.

    The Enlightenment Workshop – Transforming the Mind with AwakeningTools

    Meditation, Buddhist Psychology and Hatha-Yoga
    We wish to invite you to a first-person experience of ancient Meditation techniques, where Self-observation, Knowledge and Inspiration melt together in a higher state of wellbeing.

    A 2 days full-immersion Retreat focussed on different Meditations, Buddhist Psychology and Hatha-Yoga, bringing us to a genuine experience of Self-transformation.

    Period: March – April – May – September – October – November
    Starting on Friday, 9 PM, ending on Sunday, 1 PM.

    Costs: 350.00 Euro per person per course+ vat
    Accommodation: 2 nights stay in Superior room: 323,00 Euro+ Vat
    Minimum number of participants: 4 pax
    Maximum number of participants: 10 pax

    Art and Cooking

    Wine and Art are best friends
    We are proud to launch a new project where art and wine get on … very well.
    8 pax package – 800,00 Euro: 1 and ½ hour from 18.00 to 19,30.00 p.m.
    • Tasting the 3 D.O.C.G Wines
    • Orientation focus on 3 Tuscan Art Masterpieces (with slides)
    Renaissance in Florence – Myths and Symbols: Botticelli –Leonardo- Michelangelo

    Info for availability and general requests