Those who choose Tuscany as their holiday destination, they do it for two groups of reasons: art and culture, on one side, and food and wine on the other. the marble experience

Florence, Pisa, Lucca… three unbeatable destinations to delve into Italian history and past, all of them at a driving’s distance from Il Duomo Luxury Suites.

In the three cities I mentioned, there are wonderful “signs” and a strong presence of a material that is still excavated from the Carrara Marble Quarries: the purest, the whitest, the most sought after by artists: marble, used in the past by many incredible artists, among which the great Michelangelo stands out, with his ultra famous David exhibited in Florence.

Those who are born and bread in Pietrasanta, are so familiar with this material that they do not seem to evaluate it as much as it should…
Everybody has at home a window sill, a flight of stairs or a door threshold made with marble and its being there has been taken for granted for years.

Big, is therefore, our surprise, when we see how high in their esteem, it is marble in visitors coming from all over the world.

I still remember, during one of my visit at the marble quarries in Carrara, on a quarry jeep, with 8 guests, the question of one of them who asked :”May I take a piece of marble with me?”, while we were surronded by tons and tons of pieces of marble we could easily walk on.

the marble experience

The marble experience start from one of our suites.

Early in the morning, after a delicious breakfast at our, family owned, patisserie, downstairs or in the room

Il Duomo Suites, la colazione

After which, Gabriele’s jeep, is waiting for us outside the ancient doors of Pietrasanta and off we go, up the mountains to the quarries.

the marble experience

Once we reach the top and get off, after being shaken up on the hilly quarry roads, a breath of marble enter our nostrils and there we are, in the realm of art, in the country of pure whiteness.

the marble experience

But, imagine people ‘s surprise when they get to know that quarries are not only in the open air, but also in the deep belly of the Mountains, that hide their precious treasure.
Imagine the wows.. when we enter with the jeep into the belly and discover an underworld between darnkess and light, between man and nature.
the marble experience
Silence. This is what we find there, together with the dripping sound of water that flows underneath our feet.
A piece of magic.
A place to see.
An experience to make.
Our experience : the marble experience.

A heartful thank you note to for their super professional guides and service, with you, our clients are safe and… entertained.

The marble experience

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