April is the cruellest month… wrote Eliot in The Waste Land and I am sorry to say that we do not agree with him.
Living in Tuscany provides you with a different perspective that changes every season.
Colors are different, smells are different, sights are different and people enjoy living in the open air much more than in the last few winter months.
Every morning, when you wake up, the chatting coming from the Piazza sounds different: more lively and happier, as if people were sensing the end of the “winter of our discontent”… as Shakespeare would say.

Pietrsanta, Il Duomo Suites, la colazione, La fiera di SAN MARTINO

It is Thursday morning, today, it is market day and in the piazza del mercato people are gathering to buy fresh fruit and street food to bring home for lunch, while choosing a pair of shoes or a nice jumper, from the local artisan stand, that today is promoting at incredible prices… the latest cry in terms of fashion.

Spring in Pietrasanta

I am ready for the day in Pietrasanta. I am ready to walk through the Via di Mezzo and visit the little church of the Misericordia, where the unique frescos painted by Botero will take me literally to Heaven…

Spring in Pietrasanta

and Hell… at the same time.

Spring in Pietrasanta

Botero does not really need any presentation, as he is the most famous Colombian figurative artist and sculptor, that created a style known as “Boterismo”, where depicts people and figures in large, exaggerated volume, which can represent political criticism or humor, depending on the piece.
His works are exhibited in highly visible places around the world, such as Park Avenue in New York and in Paris in the Champs-Elysées.
Self-titled “the most Colombian of Colombian artists” early on, he came to national prominence when he won the first prize at the Salon des Artistas Colombianos in 1958.
Botero has been working most of the year in Paris and the rest in Pietrasanta where he has had a home for the last 25 years and where he has created with Fonderia Mariani, a long time relationship that lead to the production of most of his masterpieces.


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