On the day I arrived in Pietrasanta…

When I arrived in Pietrasanta I did not know what to expect.
I was told that it was a lovely town with nice art galleries, between the see and the Tuscan hills, covered with olive trees and I was happy to delve into the Italian province life, with its slow rhythm and its sunny afternoons.
I was ready for the slow down your rhythm mode and I was savoring it.
However, by the minute I got off the train, I was welcomed by an impressive work of art by Kan Yasuda that drew my attention through an empty space that seemed to collect the world in it.

I walked on and found myself in front of an ancient wall that reminded me of a Renaissance past full of splendor and power, of a past that I read on books but never lived through monuments or vestiges.
I was so impressed I accelerated my step to enter the Piazza.

Only he who has visited Italy, knows what is a Piazza like; only he who has experienced the feeling of being “in” a Piazza as a place to meet with people, to gather for an “aperitivo”, which is not the Happy Hour full of noise and alcohol, but a way to prepare your body to the food experience you are going to have… knows what to expect.
Only he who has seen and lived all of this, understands me, the other will have to come and experience themselves.
But the Piazza was more than that.
It was a “frame” for unique works of art, lazily laid on the pavement, as if waiting for me to arrive.

I held my breath. Got closer and recognized Mitoraj’s art,
The same Mitoraj I had seen at the Tate gallery in London…, yes…, that one… and I understood that my experience in Pietrasanta was going to be one of a kind.

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