The Marble quarries in Carrara are the place where any artist, sculptor or… tourist, wants to go and see where it all started from…

Where sculpture became art.
Where men’s fatigue was devoted to make people‘s life more beautiful.
Where marble became and still becomes every day, a living thing.
Where Michelangelo went to choose the whitest block for his David, while living in Pietrasanta in one of the still existing building facing Piazza del Duomo, the beautiful Duomo Square with its cathedral faced with white Carrara marble.

People think that marble quarries are only in the open air, but it is not so: here is an example of a pit quarry, that is to say a quarry laying at the very basis of the Apuan Alps where the precious material has been excavated for centuries and still is:
Marble Quarries in Carrara
Copyright Images of Claudio Beduschi
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From Il Duomo Luxury Suites we arrange experiences there, by taking advantage of the services of one of the best tour guide able to drive the special quarry jeeps that can take you up… up.. over the rainbow.

The prized yield from Carrara quarries through millennia has been Statuario, a pure white marble (coloring in other marbles arises from intermixture with other minerals present in the limestone as it is converted to marble by heat or pressure). However, by the end of the 20th century, the known deposits of Statuario near Carrara are played out. The quarries continue to remove and ship up to a million tons/year of less-esteemed marble, mostly for export.

Bianco Carrara classified in C and CD variations as well as well as Bianco Venatino and Stauarietto are by far the most common types with more expensive exotic variations such as Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Borghini, Arabescato Cervaiole and Arabescato Vagli quarried throughout the Carrara area.

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