Being at the TravelLux means to be able to meet with the real key figures of the Luxury all over the world.
Italy is still a very hot destination and Americans, Russians, Europeans, Asians… alike want to come and visit our ancient cities, to see our historical trademarks and palaces.
Tuscany is a much sought after destination and cities like Lucca,Pisa and Florence are among the wish list of every single travelers be it young or no longer so.

Experience is the key word in “Luxury Travel“.
Experience the place. Visit the museums. Walk along the little street of the city and observe the buildings, the landscape… breathing in the fresh, warm air of this coming spring.
Authencity is the second one.

Authentic local life… this is what the knowledgeable traveler wants to get to know, avoiding the too much touristic venues and exploring the off the beaten track places.
Everybody wants to experience local life and its rhythm and wants to go back home and share lovely memories of a dinner in a trattoria and an aperitif in a piazza or in an Italian bar where the lively chatting of the young keeps you alive and happy.
A prosecco, a glass of red Chianti, a Spritz…. accompanied by a homemade pasta dish served with freshly made tomatoes sauce and olive oil.

A piece of bred used as … a basis for a nice Pecorino..
Even those who speak little or no Italian, when in everyday life situation like this, try to communicate with the local community to network with it and try and exchange impressions or experiences.
Travelling in a slow motion is the real luxury and resting in a large room shed with natural light can make your day.

Slow down your rhythm… this is all about being on holiday.
Come here.
Savour the local taste and… enjoy life, the Italian way.

Luxury Travel

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